BBEF Visit to Pai-Boom Village High School – Summer 2012

Berkeley Bamyan Education Foundation trip to Bamyan, Pai-Boom Village to a new and remodeled high school. As you can see, the principle of the school gives a tour of the school and points out to the make-shift tent classrooms because the school does not have the capacity.

The English class funded by BBEF had to move next door to a mosque because they had a large room available. He also says that the school does not have even one copy machine, typewriter or a computer. He wishes from BBEF to provide school supplies and equipment as well as resources for English classes.

Please visit and donate towards educating the young generation of Afghanistan for a better future and a better world. 100% of your donation is used for projects in Kabul and Bamyan for literacy, self-sufficiency, English education.



BBEF English Teacher Speaks of their Needs

Mr. Zaki is a teacher at the Pai-Boom Village high school in Bamyan. With help of BBEF, he teaches English to a group of 35 high school girls. He explains that knowing the English language helps these young girls to pass the SAT test and get a better higher education fields. This opens up more opportunity for them.

Mr. Zaki explains that when Berkeley Bamyan Education Foundation offered its first English course, a large group of boys and girls applied. There was no room inside the school compound, so he reached out to the mosque and got this large room to fit 35 students. Mr. Zaki is asking BBEF to create more English courses as it is a life changing opportunity for these young adults.

Please visit and donate to support one or more English classes in Bamyan. 100% of your donations are used for programs, and are tax deductible.

BBEF Student Drawing

BBEF student drawing


As part of our efforts to bring students of Berkeley Bamyan English classes closer to students of Santa Cruz Waldorf School, we received this drawing as a token of their appreciation from Kabul. The kids look forward to continue their communication.

BBEF at the Afghan Summit 3 Berkeley CA



BBEF at the Afghan Summit 2 Berkeley CA






















BBEF Board Members attended the Afghan Summit at Berkeley, California, to spread the word about our foundation.


New 2012 Kabul Classes

Our Kabul school moved to a different location, and now has new classrooms with new furniture.

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2012 Bamyan Trip and Classes

Life in Bamyan

A very inspirational video about life in Bamyan.

This documentary was created and produced by the British Broadcasting System with interviews by Lyse Doucet.



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